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BNPL Aggregator

Buy-Now & Pay Later at your ease...

Qisat aggregates all the BNPL offers at your favourite places and products along with the splitting options and fees/charges.

Qisat is your go-to place for all Buy-Now-Pay-Later options.

The App

Why the BNPL hype? 

Make an informed decision and save a fortune 

2% of all global e-commerce volume was processed through BNPL & this segment is expected to grow 3x over the next 3 years, replacing credit cards — which young shoppers hate.

Mainstream analysts have been sure to brush aside BNPL as a millennial fad waiting to blow up in everyone’s face. But post-COVID, BNPL is becoming a critical piece of infra powering online credit, capable of bypassing the credit card industry. 



BNPL - when and where it matters!

Location Based

All the brands and merchant details along with their address and location pins. Filter by Category, City, Country, Timings, Distance,

Apps & Banks Based

List of all the apps and banks offering BNPL along with their charges and offer rate. Users can filter based on 0% offers with no penalties.

Flexible & Engaging UI

With loads of data and tons of offers, it is important to assist the users by providing smart search. Qisat offers all the relevant

filers and search functions to facilitate easy navigation

How it Works?


Merchant Offerings

Select your favourite merchant or the product from the list. Each merchant will have a different offering based on city/country.


BNPL Apps & Bank Offerings

Select from the list of bnpl apps or banks. Once the merchant/product along with the service provider is finalised, the customer can easily complete the application form and process the order.

About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief that
anyone can grow

Businesses in the industry are competing with each other on pricing with great zeal in attracting customers. As an extension to attractive pricing, significant emphasis is through BNPL.

Data has been our bread and butter for a decade. We are now venturing into aggregating the offers to provide best and most accurate information, when and where it matters the most.

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